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March 19, 2016

  • specialized in providing office,apartments,Ancestral houses and villas cleaning servicesdeep_cleaning
  • all services are discussed and tailored to your business needs
  • no job too small,Weekly,Bi-weekly or Daily Cleaning available
  • Specialized services of one Time Deep cleaning of entire Premises and sofa/upholstrey/carpet shampooing
  • special requests are always welcome for consideration



We also have our travel portal business service industry from 2008. During the tenure we have accomplished tremendous experience and knowledge and have acquired the insight to understand the key concept of what the “Traveller’s needs and wants are” YOU.
Our own facility of Hotel`s and the support of all 5-star, 4-star and 3-star hospitality establishments have played an excellent role of support to our ongoing business.Be it an International or Domestic Indian holiday maker we go the distance to make you a Happy Client and look forward to your visit over and over again.

We cater to a wide variety of services areas:

  • Hotel bookings & reservations meet & greet transportation, tour guides.
  • Travel: Air, Bus, Train, Cruise Liner ,Private Transportations
  • Comprehensive weddings arrangements , Fashion Shows events, Musical Concerts
  • Corporate Annual Conference & Meetings
  • Group travel arrangements
  • Comprehensive event managements services
  • Movie Industry shoot requirements; hotels, transportation, sound light & stage equipment, logistics operations, hiring of generator and vanity vans, band, musicians, dancers, laundry services & catering services.
  • Visa service`s for the Middle East and International destinations
  • Pilgrimage visits to places of worship: India and International
  • Indian travel & tours to various cities
  • Travel Insurance services
  • Cruise liner travel


1.Pleasant personality
Our staff have a good presentation of ones own self when interacting with others. They display an even temper with good humour and handle situations with a composed personality, humbleness and politeness. They are optimistic in nature and are courteous to our customers.

They do not idle around during working hours which reflects the sincerity of their work.

The housekeeping staff have access to all rooms with customers belongings left lying around which may even be expensive. This gives them inherent discipline, integrity and sincerity.

4.Physical Fitness
The housekeeping staff go through a thorough medical examination and are fit to perform the housekeeping functions.

5.Eye for detail
The staff possess a power of critical observation to clean the smallest dirt patch and a keen sense to inspect rooms till perfection.

The housekeeping staff handle customers requests and complaints tactfully heeding even to their unusual cleanliness requests.

7.Pay for Performance
Based on the Feedback of our customers, we monetarily motivate our staff for improved performance.