Our Products

March 19, 2016

1.Biological Odor Control for Drains and Lines–(DMC)odor-control

  • Fast and effective destruction of proteins and the most common lavatory waste in drain systems.
  • Permanent removal of bad odors
  • Completely safe for lines, siphons and people
  • Biological product without any harmful chemicals.
  • Pour the product in every siphon and drain according to the Application Schedule.

For effective ecological cleaning, odor control and waste utilization in Industrial and Institutional Hygiene by microorganisms and enzymes


2.Biological  Cleaning  of  Grease  Traps—(GT)Biological_Cleaning

  • The microorganisms in GT grow and proliferate by using the wastes as a source of food. To do that, they produce enzymes, which destroy the complicated organic molecules in simple ones, being digested by the microorganisms’ cells and thus the process is completed.
  • GT is a powdered bioactive formulation based on several non-pathogenic bacterial strains, specially selected for their ability to degrade animal, vegetable or mineral grease and oils.
  • Releases effective level of microorganisms which digest and destroy fat, oil and food particles, while prevents accumulation of those in the grease trap.


3.Biological  Hygiene  and  Odor  Control  for  Public  Urinals—(SBC)  SBC

  • The microorganisms in SBC destroy the uric acid, transforming it to completely non-smelling residuals, while reducing the pH value of the environment and minimizing the possibility for limescale deposition.
  • SBC is a biological product formed in hard hygiene cubes for maintenance of public urinals and drain systems clean and odor free.
  • Removes stubborn uric acid deposits.
  • Eliminates malodor.
  • Maintains the urinal clean and hygienic.
  • Slow dissolving cubes. Average endurance of 1 cube – about 26 days.
  • Good looking appearance, not foaming and pleasant scent.
  • Very good sanitizing properties which save significant water costs.


4.Biological  Odor  Control  and  Elimination–(MCR)mcr

MCR is an innovative bio-active formulation for elimination and treatment of malodors in household, industrial, institutional and commercial areas.
The product combines fast-acting neutralizers for immediate odor relief, with special adapted bacteria for degradation of malodor organic compounds and proprietary ingredients for stimulating microbial activity.

Quickly removes and efficiently controls all organic bad odors (animal odors, fish, rotting fruits vegetables or any kind of food, tobacco, organic waste, manure, sweat, etc.), by actually elimination of their source.

  • Immediately eliminates all basic types of bad odors, both the existing and currently establishing ones.
  • Degrades the very source of the smell on a microbial level.
  • Acts lastingly and prevents future odor formation.
  • Completely safe and friendly to people and environment.
  • Effective and safe substitute of chlorine-, formal dehyde- and ammonia-containing compounds.
  • A truly convenient system for excellent odor removal and keeping.


5.INDOOR  POTTED  PLANTSpotted-plants

We also offer indoor potted plants for Offices which have dramatically gained popularity in recent years, it creates an inviting entrance-way and warm welcome to business offices and public locations.