MCR is an innovative bio-active formulation for elimination and treatment of malodors in household, industrial, institutional and commercial areas.
The product combines fast-acting neutralizers for immediate odor relief, with special adapted bacteria for degradation of malodor organic compounds and proprietary ingredients for stimulating microbial activity.

Quickly removes and efficiently controls all organic bad odors (animal odors, fish, rotting fruits vegetables or any kind of food, tobacco, organic waste, manure, sweat, etc.), by actually elimination of their source.

  • Immediately eliminates all basic types of bad odors, both the existing and currently establishing ones.
  • Degrades the very source of the smell on a microbial level.
  • Acts lastingly and prevents future odor formation.
  • Completely safe and friendly to people and environment.
  • Effective and safe substitute of chlorine-, formal dehyde- and ammonia-containing compounds.
  • A truly convenient system for excellent odor removal and keeping.